MIDAS Platform

The MIDAS platform provides a world first by interpreting the measurements and observations from the patient study to provide fully customised, provisional diagnostic reports in just a few seconds, complete with key images, worksheets, diagrams, graphs, charts etc. This innovative, flexible platform can connect with any system on a network and will significantly boost productivity in your workflow.


In 2015, we have exhibited MIDAS at a number of conferences around Australia, showing how this unique reporting platform can significantly boost productivity in any workflow.

Latest News

Spintech are pleased to announce that the MIDAS Universal platform has been released. This web based platform allows access through any tablet, smartphone or PC. It also allows the software to be securely cloud hosted meaning you can get all the benefits on a monthly, fee per report basis. Use the following link to access the MIDAS Cloud demonstration through your browser: http://demo.midascloud.com.au